Howdy Jags fan,...oops they don't seem to be any here. Oh well, it's tough to talk 'bout yo team when yo team has not helped. Been there, drank that beer with the Falcons.

Ah the proverbial last preseason game in which rookies and 3rd stringers will play most of the match. Again this'll be a good chance to scope out depth of both teams. In the Falcons 3 PS games so far, when the starters go out there's been a definite drop off in talent against the Dolphins, Steelers and Cardinals. We don't see much or hear 'bout the Jags much although Jacksonville is in close proximity to Atlanta. So it'll be interesting to watch. Oh yeah, and watching that Jaguars' QB situation will be somethin' to observe with interest.

Good luck, see ya'll Thursday night, 7:00.