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    Goodness,...I live in Alabama cuntry. Obsessive? Going nuts? Over a college football team? whew, just goodness folks. Relax please.

    whew, people are just,...something to behold. It was seen in the 1980's with UGA fans, always California USC has these types and maybe Huskies fans,...ya'll people are crazy. With ya'll it ain't 'bout football is it? It's fascinating how passionate people can be 'bout they college teams, and interesting.

    I'll wear my throwback red hat, red with the Atlanta A on it in public and people have said outta the blue, ROLL TIDE! I just try to be nice and smile. Then they realize it's a Braves cap.idiots sorry but it ain't 'bout football to these people. For instance, we had a cookout at the shanty, invited several couples and some were donning they Alabama hats, clothing and all. My best friend, who just so happens to be an FSU fan started messin' wid dem,...ugly but funny, already laughing 'bout it.

    Well, my friend asked who is your head coach? A Dumb look came over they faces. One chimed oh yeah Saban. My friend then asked who is the starting QB for Alabama?<crickets> Well, you get the jist,...these people are like one of my old girlfriends, a gal from West VA, a Cowboys fan. She's never been West of the Mississippi so I asked why are you a Cowboys fan and she replied, "cause they have shiny helmets."haha yeah right. It's a case of someone like my nephew becoming a Patriots fan(he's a Miami native), just cause the Patriots have won so many Super Bowls,...same with her, there's plenty of "shiny helmets" in the NFL,...Saints, Lions, Patriots, Panthers, Bucs but they aren't perennial winners like the Cowboys, other than the Pats...and like the University of Alabeeeema. That's how yankees pronounce All A BAMA,..."allabeeema."

    So say you're a guy in say,...New Jersey and you claim to be a Crimson Tide fan, fine. My 1st question is why? Reason is clear. Hitch yo butt to a prennial winner, in Beeema's case that school is an NFL football factory, in essence a MLB minor-league team, is LSU lately. The Falcons are stocked with high draft picks from Clemson, LSU, Alabeeema with a sprinkling of guys from schools out West.

    So I wondered why am I a Falcons fan since 1974 as a kid,...and ya know what, I'll be honest,...I do not know why. This franchise has been a joke for decades, members laughing behind backs sort of thang. Maybe cause I was born in Atlanta, but still resided in Florida for years, to see Raiders, Steelers, Dolphins, Cowboys, Bears when they were the stuff. Came back up to Georgia and it was the Falcons or nothing. Dang,...there were many years of nothing.

    Bear Bryant, Vince Dooley, that old man at USCarolina, geeesh, it's another turning of the page. And it's just humorous to observe today's fans. There is no telling the amount of money the U of Alabama has recieved thru car tags, flags, jerseys, etc. NO TELLING. And fine, we still live in a free society where ya can spend money reckless.

    Alllabeeeeeema, will hear that come September 2nd in Atlanta,...guaranteed. Gawd I hope the Seminoles win that game.

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