Well last night's game was interesting. Fans of the Cardinals are in for some good times. Wow,...they have a danged good defense all through the spectrum.

All facets, D-line disrupting run blocking, harassing the QB, linebackers flying around and a pretty much stellar D-backfield. Patrick Peterson is perhaps the best cornerback in the league. Matt Ryan's 1st pass was off target, tipped and INTed. Matty went 4-11, 36 yds. But the Falcons defense countered, forcing 5 fumbles recovering three.

What was impressive is the Cards' depth. When the Falcons backup O-line went against the Cards' backups,...it was not pretty for the Falcons offense.

We've seen the Dolphins and Steelers and to me it's easy to see the Cards are a waaaay better team overall than those guys. And both Miami and Pittsburg have very good defenses.

One other thang,...this Takk McKinley? my goodness. The 31st overall pick last April is one of those players, when I played, you really don't wanna have a collision with the boy. He's thick, scrong and fast, acts like he feels no pain type. When I played, I was a RB/WR and not as big as the other guys. Before the snap I MADE for damned certain where those types were located and ever hear of running scared? I could scoot back then and made sure I stayed away from those monster types. He's so energetic that it is a good possibility he receives rookie of the year honors. Or at least mentioned.

One area of concern again is the backup players on the O-line. Two backup O-linemen limped off the field last night. Man, the Falcons have a good starting O-line but if any one of them go down it might derail thangs, so to speak.

The only trash talk or maybe disrespectful action was done by a former Falcon,...Wheeler the LB. After stuffing a run play he went to the Falcons logo midfield and stomped on it and twisted his shoe in the logo,...haha childish. But overall the Cards are a class organization.

Next week to end the preseason Atlanta will host the Jaguars. It's just a 6 hour drive from Jacksonville to Atlanta, so we'll see plenty of Jags fans. Last night there were a bunches of Cards fans, and ya'll have some pretty girls in Arizona.

Good luck to the Cardinals, hope to see a Falcons/Cardinals playoff game this Winter.