Game time is perfect! A 7:00 start means we can get everything done for the day, sit back and enjoy. haha It's 11:00 and my buddy has already started a drinkin' beer. He oughtta be 'bout right come 7 o'clock. And that's a good thang cause he'll be drunk so I can watch the game. Sometimes he even goes to sleep, funny. Cardinals in Atlanta,...

The Cardinals have one of those *protestors* that ignores the national anthem, fine, freedom of speech carries this behavior and all it do is alienate, insult, fine, freedom of speech.

Danny Quinn has insisted this isn't the proverbial most important preseason game of the preseason. Makes sense cause the NFL has changed the timing of cuts/releases before the season starts,...if ya'll didn't know. But still it's likely starters will remain into the 2nd qtr. As always, this game will be a nice analysis of both team's depth in the 2nd half.

Time to start planning for a pregame meal. haha almost like a tailgate but at the shanty.