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Thread: Football talk and WARNING

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    Football talk and WARNING

    Let's get this over with. Political discussion will not be tolerated here or I'll go to the top and ya'll don't want that I promise. There is no OFF TOPIC forum in the SuperbirdsoftheSouth, none. There is one in the Jets Addict so go there and talk politics okay? Thank you, now to football<sigh> From,...GEESH!

    Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians referred to cornerback Justin Bethel as a “failure in progress” last season, and it now looks as if the defender took that to heart. Arians announced Thursday that Bethel will start opposite Patrick Peterson come Week 1 (video link via the Arizona Republic). “He’s earned that job,” said Arians, who added that Bethel “outplayed everybody” he was competing against for the role. Bethel, 27, took a pay cut in the offseason just to remain with the Cardinals, who deleted the last year of his contract (2018) in the process. He’ll be eligible for free agency next winter as a result.

    If ya'll don't know, Peterson is the Cardinals version of our Trufant,...shut down corners with the same jersey number. Peterson is one only a few CBs I've seen who can at least stay up with Julio Jones in coverage.

    But it sounds like to me Arians called the guy(Bethel), out. People just don't realize the importance of a coach, when the player has the talent and isn't using it, just literally insulting the athlete. This can only be done when the coach is entrenched in his, ummmm like Captain's Seat or something. strength in leadership Apparently in this case with Bethel, worked. Good for him, cause it's always nice to hear positive stuff recently.

    This brings me back to the stability of the Cards' franchise. I recall a day when the Phoenix Cardinals couldn't sell out their stadium,...unless they were hosting the Cowboys. That was after the move from Saint Looey. It's jusssst a 'lil different now, hey ya'll the Cardinals are a *good* football team, I promise. If staying healthy, the old worried cliche that all we fans hahaha worry 'bout, but if healthy this team could win the NFC West.

    Man, this is gonna be fun. First game in the new stadium even if it is preseason and facing a very good team? I hope all the fans, players/coaches/staff of both teams enjoy being the first to open this,...weird looking thing. haha they was whole lots of Benjamens spent to build it. Game starts @ 7:00ET but this literal mall will be open hours before the game.
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