We've all heard it before, the so called well oiled machine. ooops,...not the right thang to say 'round those who hate big oil. Well, let's just use it as metaphorical and not literal, whew. And yeah, am gonna repeat me self again.haha there's something special 'bout this team.

Just thinking out loud, I see a team that plays clean. Clearly these players respect what's deserving of respect,...know what I mean? Every player will be standing. These guys *realize* if they can make a splash they'll make some millions, hahaha it ain't hard to give no one any more incentive in my mind. But it goes deeper than all that. They be many guys on the roster already millionaires. The younger guys with nice contracts see those vets making millions a season and that alone is enough to be hongry. That'd be the young defense. Falcons O is much more seasoned than the D,...waaaay more seasoned.

We've not seen the starting D other than one or two series, same with the offense. If anyone's noticed, the Falcons starting offense has been, ya know, unstoppable? That'd be yo well oiled machine boys. And Matt Ryan is in charge of keeping it oiled. Now we'll see if the D can be just as potent.

We aalllll know the drill,...Falcons starting 4 rookies in the Super Bowl, an NFL record btw. The D also had two 2nd year starters and two 3 year starters,...literally babes in diapers geesh. But they got they buns put thru a serious fire. Interesting on a side note,...the Panthers two draft picks last year, both CBs, were put in the fire and guess what? Those boys started looking good later last season. And one of them is now pretty much a shut down type, yep. So are those many youngsters that are on the Falcons roster. These boys are a chompin' on the bits man.

Sorry for posting so much, just a lil excited. Oh yeah,...I'll tell ya'll something the media sometimes refers to briefly but loves to ignore,...the Falcons have the most talented roster in the league,...PERIOD. hahaha just a good ole homey moment, it didn't take long to do it.