You Cardinals fans are in for a treat. The inside of this giant place will most likely make the game a second thought, I promise.

Welcome to Atlanta Phoenix Cardinals! oops sorry it's the Aira zoner Cradinawls. Ya'll, even if you be watching it on TV the game will almost be secondary as the media will be pampered to death with free food, beer, perfect locations to do they hahaha job and all that. So it's gonna be a "new stadium" telecast instead of an important preseason game. Oh sure the game will be televised but the attention will be aaallll on that extravagant venue. Knowing people who've worked on the place,...they say it's amazing inside. Well good, me, and I didn't say this to them, but the outside's gonna,....ummm have to be something to get used to,...ugaleeee. Definitely not yo normal outside design of a stadium.

Unfortunately, it appears the game will only be seen in the Cardinals and Falcons' markets, if not mistaken. The game starts @ 7:00EST Saturday and it'll be a rainy evening if the experts in the weather industry are correct in they forecast.

There's this buzz 'bout this. People, Falcons fans, players et al are just excited 'bout this place. But still, there's a game to be played. We'll see starters play well into the first half per Quinn,...I have no idea what the Cards will do regarding that. Julio will play. It should be fun, my camp has to wait til October to see the new place but it'll be fun to witness the inaugural thingie at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium on TV.