It'll be good to see the Arizona Cardinals Saturday. Historically the Cards have been a solid, well mannered NFL franchise, always. Well, other than Conrad Dobler.haha You older fans remember him. But yeah, oh yeah there's always talk during the game but I don't recall many personal fouls or scuffles when these two teams meet. BUT it is true when these teams meet the referees get drunk or something and some games it benefitted either team, weird.

The Cards were 7-8-1 last season as the Seahawks, again, won the NFC West. On a side note in that thought, the Hawks are long in tooth and are ready to stumble. But I'd keep an eye on the Rams. They got a QB who *could* turn the franchise around. It'll be interesting analyzing the Cards Saturday to see if they're ready to win that division.

The Cards have one of the best, imo, het crotches in the league. Bruuuuuuuuuuuce is a guy who knows more 'bout football in his little pinky than all of us combined. The Cards resemble they het crotch, disciplined and effective. Now unfortunately we don't get to see the Cards mucho since they aren't televised here mucho at all, so I can't critique this team and reasons why they won just 7 games, but history shows a 7 win season can be a platform year for better thangs. For instance the 1997 Falcons went 7-9 then went 14-2 the next year with the same players/coaches,...stability is what Arians brings to that table.

It's been a long time since I attended a Falcons Cardinals game, like way back in 1990,...the Cards beat the crap outta the Falcons with TWO pick sixes, ugalee for Falcons. But from friends who have season tickets through the years they aaalllll say Cardinals fans are well behaved,...unlike Saints, Panthers fans. But then the Cards aren't a division foe so there ya go.

Dang it's just Thursday morning and the wait is 'bout to make some of us bust. Welcome to Atlanta you Zona Cards.