No, this isn't 'bout peeps growing they own cheeba. There was an open house at the new stadium and one some had a fit, not a happy one.

There's a huge wall dedicated to "home grown" athletes from Georgia how scrools,'s the pic,...

Look down at the lower right hand side,...Cam Newton. Oh my,...well, he's an Atlanta native, so. No biggie. Most Falcons fans are like so wut? Some are raising Hell 'bout it. Well, when Newton's career's over it won't be such a huge deal anymore. Maybe Cam seeing this will influence him to treat the Falcons with respect this Fall,...hahaha dream on.

That sho is lots of how scrool helmets and football teams in Georgia.

Speaking of Cam,...the dude should try to realize everything he does on the football field, all the news conferences in which he pouts, the type of clothing he wears are recorded and people will bring these things back up one day. The every day fan at the stadium will be photographed at least once while sitting in his/her seat(security), and remember there's guys on the sideline, NFL types and local photographers recording lots of things. I know a CVS mgr who takes videos/photos for the Falcons. He don't get paid but he's privy to the media's amenities, food and he gets to watch the game from the sideline for free as a guest, so to speakahemwinkwink. But point is, maybe falling from a 15-1 season in 2015 to cellar dweller in the NFC South humbled the boy, we'll see. He's made his statement and ya know what? Sumthin' just occurred,...the sports media doesn't show Cam's news conferences when he's dressed like a peacock, interesting. Are they scared to be called,...rashist? mmmmhmmm yep.

A neutral NFL fan friend of mine, a Broncos fan, suggested that if Newton played in the AFC West his career would most likely be over by now,...I asked why of course. But then it hit me right before his answer, I said, "rivalries." He said yep and if Cam behaved like he did when the Panthers came to Denver recently twice a year?, division games he best have security. I added then there's the Raiders and Chiefs, teams with deep fan bases. And those people are serious 'bout they football nooooo doubt. Not like laid back Falcons/Bucs fans and drunk Saints fans who don't care 'bout nuthin' but,...getting drunk.

The way the schedule is set up division teams face each other later in the season. There'll be time to observe mister Newton and see if he's grown up before we have to face the Panthers.