Lots has been *speculated* by the media regarding the Falcons O and new O-coor Sarkasian,..."Sark." And it's usually considered by those experts the Falcons O will decline this year, well yeah idiots. Last season Ryan passed for nearly 5,000 yds, had a 1,000 yd RB, incredible receiver(s) and a solid O-line duh. Not to mention last season's O performance was,...ahem, ummmmm just the 7th best offense in, ummmm NFL HISTORY? C'mon man, anyone knows it'll be difficult to *improve* on that, especially when all you got is bad thangs to say 'bout the Falcons. We see it aaaalll too clear boys.

Two goobers at the NFLN apparently think last season's O success was all Shanny,...nope. See, these people simply cannot acknowledge the great play from Matty, just cain't do it is all. It gets old repeating one's self but here we go. All thru Matty's career, how scrool, college and his first SEVEN years as a pro, he never played in the West Coast Offense, never. So naturally in his 1st season in that scheme he had his worst season as a pro. haha That didn't last long. Ryan immersed himself in the fabled "tree route" created by Bill Walsh after the 2015 season. And something clicked and that something has been a supreme pleasure to observe. Oh yeah, it helped the Falcons run game became a threat.

Sark's play calling has been interesting. The Falcons had a 92 yds drive and a TD on they 1st possession yesterday and the play calling was just like when Shanny was the guy. Identical. But when the starters came out after the score Sark revealed what he's allllll 'bout. The fullback never saw a snap on that 92 yds drive but when the starters came out I saw the good ole I-formation over and over with the FB blocking in the run and running pass routes. It's nuthin' to be concerned over maybe cause Sark was doing lots of passing outta the formation and it worked to begin with but he stuck with it and the Steelers began to suss it out. Yeah, yeah, ya can't be showing yo hand offensively in the 2nd PS game and maybe that's it.

The cameras were all over Sark yesterday. In Miami Sark called plays from the booth, yesterday he was on the sideline and they ate that UP. Seems they have a, ahem, hard on for Sark. He does have a history of being drunk on the sideline. Maybe he had a reason to be drunk on the sideline, no one thinks of that.

Next Saturday the new stadium will have it's first game. The Cardinals come to open the MBS.