This is a scathing,...a flaming burn yo fanny up type thang from this writer. My goodness, talk about the Saul Alynski method, whew! Commentary to follow. whew

If the Pro Football Hall of Fame had a special wing for Garbage Time, theyíd already be sculpting Blake Bortlesís bust.

On the surface, the Jacksonville Jaguarsí signal-caller fits the profile of a perfectly mediocre NFL quarterback. But the traditional stats donít show the true Bortles: He is the NFLís best when the game is basically over. In garbage time ó which we define as the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, when a team is down multiple scores (9 or more points) ó Bortles transforms into the franchise quarterback Jacksonville envisioned when they made him the No. 3 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. In these scenarios in the past two seasons, Bortles has completed 78 of 118 for 964 yards with 12 touchdowns. Heís tossed only four picks. His passer rating in these instances is 111. To get a sense of how good that is, Tom Bradyís rating across all of last season was 112.

Since 2015, 20.7 percent of Bortlesís total touchdown passes have come when the fans are heading for the exits. Thatís nearly four times the average for the rest of the league. Itís done little to help the fortunes of the Jags, who have won eight games in the last two seasons and failed to come back in any of the 15 where they were trailing big late. So his body of garbage-time work has been meaningless to everyone except his fantasy owners.

The only thing Bortles is as good at as posting garbage-time numbers is creating garbage time with his lackluster play in meaningful time. According to ESPN data, last year when a team was within one score (8 or fewer points) in the first half of games ó one of the situations in which the gameís outcome is most uncertain ó Bortles was the worst quarterback in football.

Despite Bortlesís ability to excel only when the chips are off the table, the Jaguars picked up his fifth-year option in May, meaning they will pay him $19 million in 2018. The move mystified many NFL observers, but general manager Dave Caldwell and new executive vice president Tom Coughlin rationalized that Bortlesís salary over this year and next will still be below average ó two words that Bortles is familiar with.

Bortles is not off to a good start in 2017. He threw five interceptions in one recent practice, including one that was returned for a touchdown in 11-on-11 drills. Another pick 6 on Sunday led to head coach Doug Marrone giving veteran backup Chad Henne (who had no pass attempts last year) a chance with the first team. Not only is the patience of Marrone wearing thin, but the teamís No. 1 receiver, Allen Robinson, is reportedly also growing increasingly frustrated.
Maybe the only way to turn Bortles into an efficient quarterback is to somehow convince him that the game is already lost before itís even begun.

Wow,...well I'll say this. Perhaps if Bortles played with a team with a decent O-line, a decent defense, maybe better coaches/GM,...well ya know what I mean. 8 wins in two consecutive seasons isn't aallllll on Bortles. It's not like the Jags haven't been able to rebuild with all those high draft picks.ooops double negative, sorry. Two other things,...I've seen Falcons players whom if they played for a top tier team would be in la HOF. The other is the media. These people LOVE to lambaste certain NFL franchises(especially teams in the South), I know cause the Falcons were once in they sites for decades. The sports media would never had written annythen like this 'bout other failed NFL QBs, ya know, that "new breed" QB.