Freeman missed Monday's practice. Yesterday the Falcons had the day off. And as of right now on Wednesday morn we've not heard what the crap if Freeman is really concussed? Well, this from,...

Pro Bowl running back Devonta Freeman was seen leaving Sunday’s practice early. Afterward, coach Dan Quinn said, “(Freeman) had some heat stuff that he dealt with from the first practice and again today,” but he added that he had yet to see Freeman and would provide an update when he had more information. Following Monday’s practice, Quinn gave the update he had promised.

Yes, Quinn sorta updated but left questions, at least in my mind. This from Monday afternoon,...

“After taking him inside yesterday where we thought he had heat-related stuff,” Quinn said, “he reportedly had some concussion symptoms, so we put him in the protocol for that and he’ll be out this week. He may start practicing as we go, but we’ll rule him out now for the game as more of a precautionary note.”

Okay,...Freeman left practice on Saturday early. He leaves practice on Sunday for heat related stuff,...okay. And then he reportedly had some concussion symptoms? hmmmmm I am speculating here but sounds to me the team doctor decided he saw concussion related symptoms. Ya'll do know every team has a medical staff, purposes among other reasons. This just don't seem right for some reason. To place Freeman on the protocol is like a mark in yo book. It will be seen as a definite concussion in the league's view. And concussion protocol has ended careers and that's fine. I'm not diminishing the problems concussions pose just wondering why and how Freeman was showing those symptons.

Ya'll it's been hot here and not the usual heat this time of year. The highs hover 'round 90 but it's not that so much. When the Sun's out it's freaking oppressive. This area has been under a UV alert for weeks. Add 70% HUMIDITY? hahaha Boys I'm tellin' ya'll. A guy from Arizona was visiting a friend here last week and I met him. The boy was SUFFERING when we were outside. He said it gets up to 120 degrees where he's frum but he said this **** is ridiculous.haha Just sayin' maybe Freeman was showing signs of heat exhaustion instead of a concussed noggin. Just maybe sayin. But it's too late cause he's been placed on the NFL's concussion protocol. Not good either way.

I dunno but looks like the Falcons are trying to keep this out of the media's attention too. Ya know by not making a big deal out of it maybe. I tell ya'll what, more concussion and Freeman's career WILL be in jeopardy.