When the great Gene Upshaw died and later in 2009 this guy was voted to be player rep(executive director), of they union,...DeMaurice Smith. We saw this guy in a news conference acting very confrontational to the media. Like he had a chip on he sholler. I made a post entitled, Beware owners. Well, before that agreement in 2011 the owners won that battle with a possible(some say actual), lockout. And it's funny to me,...Roger Goodell gets all the hate and this guy could cause a,...ummmm strike? Oh yeah, this guy said recently he'd have no regret causing an NFL players strike,...yup.

But we didn't know Smith changed a rule regarding the voting process. In essence he changed the percentage of votes it takes to vote in someone new in the incumbent's favor. haha Well, this from pfr,...

Some believe Smith instituted this rule to help himself keep*his job. This includes*lawyer Cyrus Mehri, who was prepared to run for the executive director gig.

“De Smith has given the vast majority of NFL players and the public at large the false impression that the election is in March of 2018,” Mehri said. “Meanwhile, he devised a scheme with a virtually secret and unobtainable constitution to prevent any election at all.

“We will not let him get away with this. Players deserve choices. We are going to fight every day to advance player voices and choices. To be the [executive director] of the NFLPA is a privilege that should be earned every three years in broad daylight. The stakes are too high to deprive NFL players of an opportunity to evaluate the candidates after a full debate.”

Smith was a unanimous choice for the role back in 2009, earning the job over*Troy Vincent,*Trace Armstrong, and David Cornwell. The 53-year-old predictably had a major role when the NFLPA negotiated a CBA with the owners back in 2011. However, despite his apparent positive influence, Mehri doesn’t believe that Smith’s new election rule is reflective of the NFLPA.

“It is ironic in a league where players have to compete every single day that De Smith is afraid of competition,” Mehri said. “NFL players deserve better.”

The first time I saw this guy was in 2009 on the NFLN,...a news conference after he was unanimously elected the player's man. He had a scowl on his ugly face and his milk dud was shiny. He talked in an angry tone, like an abusive father to a child,...just impressions is all. And I knew right then I'd be seeing this toad again,...now he's back after years of not having to even look at this ugly fool.

I hope lawyer Cyrus Mehri does succeed in "not letting him get away with this." The job of executive director must provide a healthy paycheck not to mention all the amenities the position affords the pompous asshle when he visits NFL stadiums.