The boys have arrived in Pittsburg. This juuuuust may be interesting.

The squealers are considered a top-tierd team/franchise. Fine. No Roth, no Julio nor Freeman in the game, even better. Gives a chance to study other facets. The game will be nationally televised @ the NFLN. 4:00 Eastern.

This is a great *test* in many ways. Admitting the Steelers are stocked with depth in terms of talent. Very a similar to the Patriots,...a team that can win division titles and still draft well, FA signings and stuff, like keeping the roster at a high level of talent even drafting in the later rounds.

And playing in Pittsburg, geeesh. I'm not sure but I don't recall the Falcons EVER winning a regular season game in Pittsburg, ever. If it wasn't talent level, it was the damned refs I swear. Like playing at Foxboro,...home cookin' type thang.

One last thang,...the Steelers are famous for dirty play. It's good the Falcons don't face the Steelers this season or there could be a trick to get a big time division opponent or an NFC opponent's player,...ummm hurt. This goes on, no need to deny it. But since the Crows face the AFC East maybe there won't be a BOUNTY type situation.

Ya'll I despise the Steelers HC,...sorry. He was GIVEN a team built by Bill Cowher. And they management is amongst the finest in the league. The boy just sat down and let everyone else do the directions a fact. But still the Steelers are a formidable NFL franchise regardless, haha hell, howdy doody could be the HC of that team, they are so set.

Tomorrow at 4 ET. Takk will play and cain't wait to see him holding his Granma's picture on the sideline, ahem a joke. He's just a kid.

Here's another kid,...Tevin Coleman. He'll be the starting RB tomorrow,...FF types best pay attention to this guy.