Hmmmm,...this is strange. Yesterday at practice multi-millionare RB Devonte Freeman was injured. HC Dan Quinn after practice always addresses the media. It's just now coming out. Well, Quinn said Freeman was having problems with the heat and then said he's on,...concussion protocol?

It's just me, but through the years there are RBs built by our creator to be mawlers(Iron Head Heyward), and never get hurt cause they be bringin' it to the defenders, been there done that. Then there's the Barry Sanders, the Marshall Faulks, smaller and really not that fast running backs. Just like Freeman, ya don't wanna run this up the middle too many times in a game and especially in practice. Well, unless it's a trap play. uh huh wut's dat?

So maybe Freeman will play come opening Sunday in Chicargo. But,...the protocol could be run up to 4 months by league rules and what the NFL doctors decide. So, did Quinn mess up? First Freeman is placed in concussed protocol and then says heat was a factor? I dunno, but that to me is just,...hahaha like Mike Smith. Sounds like Quinn is trying to blame the heat, which is BRUTAL here in Georgia, and take the attention from the concussion. Ummmm,...remember Freeman slipped in a facility shower and concussed himself two years ago? Missed games late in the 2015 season? Ahhhh, so there's a history right damned there for those over paid NFL doctors. Did anyone know the NFL hires doctors? The Braves hired the doc who worked on Chipper Jones' ACL tear,...same guy who repaired my knee. Doc Royster.

First thang sum Falcuns fans said was,..."here we go again with this CURSE." Some Falcons fans were wanting Freeman to honor the last season in his original contract cause they weren't sure he's an elite RB, fine. This injury, and believe me a concussion is red flags, hot alert, etc. when concussions are mentioned, especially multiple concussed heads?,...could end careers by league rules we don't know 'bout.

Freeman is like those two great RBs, especially Barry Sanders, the way they can change direction on a dime okay? Not sayin' Freeman is anywhere NEAR the great Sanders okay? The offensive play calls, the scheme has to make sure these jitter-bug RBs are allowed to do they magic *in space* so to say. Give the boy a clean path like this?,...

And that means a 12 to 15 yards run.

More to come,...