Where the heck are they now? Our beloved sports media seem to be, ummmmm negligent?,...lazy?,...biased? Where are all the articles 'bout the most dominating NFL division? Ohhhhh, just came to me,...cause it's the NFC South, my bad. No damned way in hell the media based in California and the Northeast give us REAL news, or in this case BIASED in the form of not reporting truth.

When NFC East or AFC North/AFC West teams were appearing in Super Bowls there were many, many articles as to how potent those divisions were,...notice I said WERE. So they sit back, perhaps check out the rosters, coaches of the South, they go,...hmmmm, these teams are pretty danged good boys so I jus won't say nuthin.

Everyone knows 'bout the Falcons and Panthers. And apparently the idiots in the media are lissnin' from some of us 'bout the Buccaneers. Notice how few power rankings they be these days?hahaha No way they can appear legitimate cause ya know what? They are the biggest bunch of homies that EXIST. Most of these peoples really don't like the Falcons and still it mystifies me. Is it a dislike of the city, maybe the people, possibly the history? I dunno. Now I will say most of Amurica wanted the Falcons to win SB51 over the Patriots, but that's because the Pats had won so many SBs and lots of people don't like the Patriots. Speaking of power rankings, will never forget 1998. Before that season their many power rankings had the Falcons around 30 or 31st,...haha well, after that to me power rankings are a waste of time and a literal joke.

Maybe these guys see how potent the Falcons/Panthers/Bucs defenses are. Maybe they see four excellent pocket passers, other than Newton, but seeing all 4 offenses are potent as hail. haha maybe they be scared being fans of teams in the NFC North and AFC East. Well, they best be scared cause I promise ya'll biased freaks, the NFC South will wreak havoc in those divisions, it is an absolute.

If we Falcons fans don't go crazy hearing 'bout the Super Bowl loss, it is certain we'll have a fun season. And btw, one last thang. I don't hate the Bucs/Panties/Aints like most Falcons fans. Ironically, and believe me I've caught grief for this stance, I wanted the Saints to win they SB, wanted the Panthers to win theirs. I want the NFC South to dominate the two divisions we face this year,...hey,...that makes me a homey eh?