no kicks for tbs? hot humid punts were short

99 yds td pass against the suspended jalen collins

Good grief,...there's gonna be many Falcons and Dolphins players snatched up after the cuts. Some of these undrafted guys on both clubs are amazing. Hell, both third string QBs look like they could be franchise types. In fact, the 4th string QB for the Falcons is big, strong armed and mobile and looked pretty good to me.

The Dolphins O-line is very good and deep. Both teams appear extremely deep with they front 7 on defense. And the Dolphins run game looks potent and they best should be in that AFC East division.

That was fun. Dolphins had a 99 yards TD pass and reception in the 4th when unknowns were playing. It was hot and humid with the kickoffs falling round the goal line causing some nice returns by both teams.

I saw only one player go down, a Dolphin late in the game. Good luck to him.

We'll see the Dolphins in Atlanta in week #6 in October. The Falcons will be coming off a bye week while the Dolphins will travel to Nashville in week #5 then visit Atlanta. Funny cause in week #7 the Falcons go to,...Foxboro. That game is circled by many of us.

Good game Dolphins. See ya'll soon.