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Thread: Unite the Right march in Charlottesville

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    Unite the Right march in Charlottesville

    I'd like to add my 2 cents to whole thing.

    The first thing is, why was this insignificant march with about 30-50 protesters covered by so many news outlets in the first place?

    Second, how much violence would there be, had AntiFa and Black Lives Matter not shown up?

    Third, the Alt-Right likes to pretend they are the "true" right and are somehow above caring what other people care about them, hence the Nazi salutes to prove they DGAF. Well, this Unite the Right march fragmented the right even further, especially with having David Duke there. The Alt-Right likes to think they smarter than other people but truth is they have no sense of messaging, public influence, etc. All they do is provide fodder & footage for liberals to paint ALL Trump supporters as violent racists. In fact, there are some who theorize that's the intent of the Alt-Right, to be controlled opposition.

    The fourth thing is that trying to paint all Trump supporters as racist will fail. The liberals have already convinced everyone that could be convinced of this, both liberals and NeverTrump folks.

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    -The Atifa ninjas, they're misunderstood and need to get their frustrations out

    -ISIS & Al Qeada, they just need jobs and hugs

    -White Supremacists. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! unspeakable horror !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most likely staged by Soros & the globalist scum
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    Zzzzzzzzzz David duke Zzzzzzzzzz bfd, who cares except the BS left trying in vain to draw connection that dont exist... asshats

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    The truth is that the vast majority of Americans who voted for Trump and against Hillary have no idea what the "alt-right" is. And that's because it's a pejorative label developed by the left that everyone seems to use now. The nebulous boogeyman they've told us so much about, and here is the proof!

    The vagueness of it is part of its design, function, and usefulness; which is why you hear many using "alt-left" as turnabout. And even though most would not agree with whatever this march was about, it should still be allowed under first amendment rights and instead was targeted by these groups you mentioned (and the MSM) to gain national exposure. In other words, just another embodiment of the loss of individual rights to violence and bullying, like we see on the campuses.

    The larger truth is that this is what Barack Obama's America has come to embody. Mobs and mayhem. Protests for the sake of protest. Destabilized chaos. It suits the larger agenda and running narratives. Trump was beginning to win again on the global stage, so it's time to distract yet again and remind the hard core base who they hate with some red meat. The 'alt-right' boogeyman.
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    A post someone left on facebook:

    Today's events in Charlottesville was:
    Haters vs Haters.
    Racists vs Racists.

    Fascists vs Facists.
    Evil vs Evil.
    Anti-Americans vs Anti-Americans.
    Anti-Christians vs Anti-Christians.
    Supremacists vs Supremacists.
    Both mobs equally guilty.
    Both eager to run to violence.
    Whatever valid points either side may have... all of them were crushed under mutual hatred and disdain.
    Both sides... LOST.
    UPDATE: ●○ I suspect it was also a large percentage of--
    Outside Agitators vs Outside Agitators
    With many of them PAID to be there.

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    both sides paid by the same man

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    The presence of BOTH Richard Spencer & David Duke along w/ fresh off the rack supremacist gear & matching embroidered shirts for few dozen protesters suggests a high level of outside coordination & funding. This is separate from the ad hoc nature of the original group of protesters, to include a black teen who helped organize them.

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    The hate punctuated by a car driven by a man full of hatred!

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    And of course the politicians had the police stand down and help facilitate the two groups access to each other

    It's all orchestrated

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    Some observations:

    Charlottesville is another college town (UVA) immersed in the free market place of idea.

    There were white supremacist groups there. Were there numbers inflated by the media, Or did the media allow the white supremacist groups to hijack the event.

    How come the right has an alt right and the left simply have antifascists and black lives matter, two seamingly agreeable names with causes far more nefarious. Even heard someone referring to Brietbart as the alt right today. The two most well known Breitbart people are a jew and a gay man and they are part of the same movement as the KKK? I don't know how you can even rationalize yourself as journalists.

    This whole thing degenerated into an idiot convention with all parties involved simply being two sides of the same coin.

    Wat the event intentionally hijacked by white supremacists. I don't want to see Confederate flags at a conservative event. That is the flag of a foreign country that sought to divide this nation. They have no place at a pro USA rally. They have the right to do so but it is not appropriate to do so.
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