When will Cowboys hold misbehaving players “accountable”?

Posted by Mike Florio

On Sunday, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett addressed the issue of players getting in trouble. And then word emerged on Monday of yet another player getting in trouble.

“There’s a standard that we have here with the Dallas Cowboys — behavior on and off the field and how we’re going to handle those things,” Garrett said, via the team’s official website. “We’re going to hold those players accountable to what those standards are, regardless of what the circumstances were that were involved.”

The words send a clear message. The video and audio have a clear tell. Watch the clip attached to this post; Garrett does the classic hard gulp before saying the word “accountable.” Possibly because he knows damn well that the Cowboys aren’t about to hold anyone accountable.

It’s a point made here a few weeks ago, and nothing has changed. The owner calls the shots, and the owner is willing to tolerate boys being boys in order to put his fingerprints on a trophy earned by a team that he built.

So the coach is toothless when it comes to making an example out of anyone or everyone who crosses the line. The truth is that there is no line, or if there is it’s going to take a lot more than what has happened to date for someone to step over it.
C'mon man !