You guys in Afhganeeny stan are lucky. You boys get my uncensored stuff 'bout the Falcons. Hope ya'll enjoy it. But at the two sites I post here in Amurica, well, I have to edit lots of stuff out like cuss wurds, non-politically correct language and innuendo so there's no one offended.

Your Falcons finished TC wearing camo jerseys, invited service members to be on the sidelines, posed with pics with the cheerleaders, a whole bunch of stuff. There were THOUSANDS of people there, amazing. There's grassy banks around the field and there were a whole lotta folks out there. it was a great tribute to all ya'll do.

While we have to endure insanity(capperdick), know that at least the Atlanta Falcons as an NFL franchise are proud Amuricans. It was cool seeing the players and service members interacting. Kinda makes ya bring a tear to the eye, nah, ain't much for tears unless it's over babies or animals. Hey ya'll, something is a 'goin on at Flowery Branch. These guys are HONGREY but at the same time kinda humble. Damn that's nice to see in today's climate with Cammy Newton acting like a child, Seahawks players, some Ravens and Redskins players acting like thugs.hahaha our thug, Collins was suspended for 10 games, so there is something to be said 'bout KARMA. BUT he was there Tuesday, so,...

Well, tonight it begins. The boys flew to Miami yesterday. e-mail me if ya'll want to see the game, pretty sure it won't be nationally televised but it's on WUPA 069-00 Atlanta, 7:00EST. I don't record preseason games,...the last time I did was 2003 when Mike Vick broke his damped leg. What a miserable season THAT was. But now the optimism, the anticipation of good football is flowing strong within the tribe.

Falcons fans at TATF and ********* and on James Light's site are very aware how talented the roster has become. I've never seen such a loaded Falcons roster me self. But it's more than that. With the attitude of the players and coaches, ya know, not letting the huge loss to effect the ultimate goal is impressive. There won't be no stupid "Super Bowl" hangover bull**** the media always says is a gonna happen.

Welp, starts tonight. For those on duty, I'll send some analysis of the game,...hahaha in my most humble opinion.;)