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Thread: Spike Lee announces a rally for Colin Kaepernick on August 23

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    Spike Lee announces a rally for Colin Kaepernick on August 23

    Posted by Mike Florio
    The last time Spike Lee tried to make a Colin Kaepernick-related announcement on social media, Lee whiffed. This time around, Lee is likely to be more accurate.

    Lee has posted a proclamation that a rally will be held for Colin Kaepernick (apparently spelled “Kapernick” in the announcement) at the league offices on Wednesday, August 23.

    It’s unclear whether Kaepernick is involved in the rally or even wants it to happen. Some would say that the rally is another example of the “distractions” Kaepernick would bring to the locker room, even though he has never said or done anything that is either against the law or against NFL rules.

    It’s also unclear whether the rally will make a difference. It’s possible, in theory, that the league will twist arms to get Kaepernick a gig before August 23. Then again, this won’t be the first pro-Kaepernick demonstration that 345 Park Avenue has endured. In May, roughly 75 showed up to speak out on his behalf.

    The Ravens still could sign Kaepernick, sooner than later. If Ryan Mallett stinks it up in the preseason opener, the Ravens may finally resolve their lingering deliberations regarding whether Kaepernick should be given a gig.
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    Next up, any team that signs this useful idiot can look forward to the Soros funded mobs protesting that he's not the starting qb or that he's making less money than white guys like Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers.

    I can't for the life of me understand why he's not signed.

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    I was hoping the fish would get him.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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