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Thread: Falcons in MIAMI!

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    Falcons in MIAMI!

    To begin with, did ya'll know the Falcons lost the Super Bowl in an embarrassing fashion? Just informing everyone if ya ain't heard. I'm certain that'll be the last time ya'll hear that,...yeah boy.

    It's here!,...preseason football. The Crows fly to Miami tomorrow and begin the campaign. Starters will see they one or two possessions and after that we're gonna see aaalllllll the kids come in along with backups. These early preseason games are interesting in determining the overall depth of a team. And that's how certain teams win they division every season, depth on that thar roster boys. Add the fact the Falcons/Dolphins face each other in the regular season and I'll be watching the Dolphins closely if not too inebriated, ahem.

    Waaaay back in the 70's and 80's when these teams met, which was rare back then, something ALWAYS weird happened in the game. Happened in 2013,...the Falcons went to Miami early in the season. The Crows led the game in TOP, rushing yardage, first downs, sacked Tanny FIVE TIMES, Matty wasn't sacked a single time and the Falcons lost the game 27-23. Now that's weird to me. Both teams had 2 turnovers, passed for about the same yardage but geesh, oh yeah I forgot,...the Falcons were flagged 7 times and the Dolphins were flagged only twice. I recall just shaking my head in disbelief that Sept. 2013. As we know that there home cooking always tastes better when ya be at home. Not complaining cause I've seen home cooking at times in Atlanta too, at times.

    Ahhhh, it would so nice to be at the ocean again.

    Two players of interest won't play(at least that's what the Dolphins/Falcons are saying), DE Takk McKinley 1st round pick and newly signed Jay Cutler. But again, these games are basically evaluating players, ya know, whom to cut, which to retain even if it's the practice squad.

    additional,...Julio nor WR Gabriel will play Thursday night.
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