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    There be a lull in thangs round here even with TC red hot wide open. So to shift gears and perhaps edumacate the younger Falcons fans, thought I'd show you some old men. Get yo minds out the gutter girls. Think I'll post this at superbirds knowing ya'll are done with it. Thang is that site has a slew of old men, so maybe they'll like it,...all this here reminiscence. As always there's a reason babies.

    27 years ago the Falcons had a danged good team. A combination of poor coaching and some curious calls made by game officials allowed an 8-8 season. But looky here,...gawsh to have this guy today in his prime would be sweet,...Bill Fralic, right guard.

    There was a stat back then that people kept,...pancake blocks. Fralic led the league. Today it's gonna be flagged. Awesome blocker in run or pass. Would be a HOFamer if he'd played for any other team(in the northeast or Dallas). And another great, great guard,...

    Houston Hoover hahaha "the people mover" was his call name. Incredible strength that No D-tackle could push round. Devastating run blocker and he was so thick him just standing there was good pass blocking. And then there was the #1 overall pick in the 1988 draft, Andre Bruuuuuuuuce,...

    An incredible talent with an incredibly large void between his ears. Before the draft in 1988 NFL scouts were literally drooling over Bruce at what's now called the combine. Bruce had some nice moments in Jerry Glanville's defense. But overall Bruce was a bust, one of many Falcons 1st round busts historically. Marion Campbell drafted Bruce and speaking of Glanville, his drafts were horrendous as well. For FIVE seasons every single one of his 1st round picks were busts. Call it bad luck or ineptitude, whatever, it is what it was. Come to think,..Dan Reeves was an awful judge of drafting guys unless ya wanna thank that Vick was great pick. Anyway, now here's the guy who is a HOFamer, time, neon Deion,...

    Sanders is one of quite a few former Falcons that went to another team then played on a Super Bowl team. 3 former Falcons have winning SB rings. S Scott Case, RB Gerald Riggs and Sanders.

    27 years ago the Crows had a pretty danged good team. But remember the Falcons were still in the old NFC West division and there were the Niners, Rams always dominating the whole damned thing.

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    Get yo minds out the gutter girls

    Great post, but I can't seem to get my mind out yet. Ah how about a post on Left Eye Lopes & Andre Rison?

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