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Thread: Good luck Chargers

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    Good luck Chargers

    As we Falcons fans are being laughed at by truly cruel people, it could be worse. Good grief, imagine what Chargers fans are going thru.

    Chargers guard Forrest Lamp suffered a torn ACL in his right knee during practice on Wednesday, per a team announcement. The rookie second-round pick will miss the season as a result. Adam Schefter of ESPN first reported the news (Twitter link).

    With Lamp and rookie wide receiver Mike Williams dealing with significant injuries, the Chargers are in real danger of not having either of their top two picks this season. Williams, the Chargersí first-rounder, is dealing with a back problem that head coach Anthony Lynn recently admitted could keep him out for the year. Lampís issue will take the 38th overall selection out of play for 2017. It also continues a string of horrible injury-related luck for the Chargers, who placed a whopping 27 players on IR during a five-win 2016 campaign.

    If I'm not mistaken the Bolts lost a draft pick last Summer. Man, this is tough right here. I lobbied the Falcons to draft Lamp this last draft with the 31st choice. He's definitely a stud, but the Crows are intent on building a good D. And yadada they were the best offense in the league and all that, so. But last season the Bolts came to Atlanta and beat the eventual NFC Champions, overtime.

    Phil Rivers passed for *just* 371 yds is all. The Falcons rushed for 50 more yds than did San Diego,...ooops Los Angeles now, and the Chargers still had 5 minutes more possesion time. They had 5 more 1st downs than did Atlanta. So here's an excuse maybe, ya know how we like to make excuses. The Falcons had come off a road trip to Seattle then at Denver. haha like the Super Bowl I guess they got gassed.

    To me the Chargers and in fact maybe the Chiefs, Cardinals could be included, are alot like the Falcons. There seems to be NFL franchises *promoted* a little more than others. That would be the media and the NFL it's self in their honest, unbiased coverage and actual marketing of all 32 teams,...not just the Steelers, Patriots, COWBOYS, Seahawks, Giants, Packers and amazingly the Jets too. It's like there's tiers of promotion. There's those teams mentioned and then there's teams like the Ravens, Texans and Titans who get a little less attention in nation-wide marketing and then there's the poor Jaguars,...nobody cares 'bout that team, no one. Anyway back to the Bolts.

    Good luck this season. Ya'll have enjoyed superb QB performance from Rivers for years, a luxury. Talk 'bout an underrated guy, most likely the most underrated QB in league history, geesh. Dang ya'll,...they be two teams in Los Angeles. And some of us East Coasters do keep up with the Chargers, hell, all ya'll way over yonder. Not to sound callous but this has happened to the Falcons before,...a draft pick that goes down in August. Well, when it happened I thought,...well at least he'll be fully healed come next year. Good luck ya'll!

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    I think Rivers is overrated. There's something broken with his game, and that's the clutch element. He just doesn't know how to win football games, and has proven it time and again.

    That organization has been dysfunctional for a very long time. Still, feel bad for San Diego fans that their team moved.

    As for all the injuries, holy crap, fire that training staff already. 26 guys on IR last year, 1st and 2nd rounders this year done for the year probably, they are clearly not doing something right. That's more than just bad luck.

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