Like in the movie Poltergeist,...They're here,... And in a way these people will haunt all ya'll Falcons fans not just this season but for ALLLLLL time until you die. hahaha One could compare them to demons and after what I've seen those people say?,...yeah they be evil. To enjoy watching others suffer is alike to WWII Germany and these bastards have been doing this for many decades to Falcons fans.

Fact is, most people have no compassion for others. Oh, like our iggles troll here, he'll be sooooooo nice to everyone else but when it comes to being *nice* to Falcons fans?hahahanodamnedway

Call me a doctor as I watch the pulse of Falcons fans. espen?hahaha Falcons fans over the age of 30 do not watch or read espen writers, do not watch the nfln and ya wonder why? Wonder why yo ratins are sucking idiots?

I wish to say this however. There are many adult, well-rounded fans of other teams who have been extremely, ummmmm adult. We see who you are and personally I appreciate them greatly. On the other side there's two types whom reveal themselves. One bunch are like, pfffft screw the Falcons which shows they hate. The other group tend to LAUGH 'bout the collosal loss. That'd be our iggles troll here. Interesting cuz the iggles never won a Super Bowl.

At the big boys site, TATF, it's fascinating to observe how fans there are literally circling the wagons,...say, in a psychological sense. It's a normal human tendency to gather yo family together when others attack. Now we know circling the wagons is a defensive maneuver. But in this case the Falcons have such a talented roster this season could prove to show a serious defensive mode become an all-out attack on the assholes. And if so will I rub it in they ugly-ass faces? Not hardly Diane. But I know there'll be lots of Falcons fans who will rub the crap back in they face, that just ain't me.

One *expert* from espen ranks the Falcons "triplets" as the 5th best in his opinion,...another, after Matt Ryan was NFL MVP last season ranked him as the #8 QB in the league?hahaha you people are sooooo damned obvious. No objectivity whatsoever, biased cause you are a northeastern HOMEY. Hell, people out West are just about as awful 'bout this. haha after the ass-whipping the Falcons put on the Raiders and Broncos IN Oakland and Denver? Well, they aren't talkin' so much.

So be ready all ya'll Falcons fans. Keep the wagons circled and enjoy it when they think they have us playing defense all the time. There are traps strategists set like that.