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    They are coming outta the woodwork like worms,...patriots fans. It's been 6 months and these *people* just can't help they selves. At TATF there's five or so TROLLS inviting incitement,...fine. Ya'll just go to atlanta, go to the forums and see for yourself.

    I've posted in NFL forums since 1996. I've seen it all. Seen people who identify their lives to a football team, especially when they team is doing well. They tend to identify Falcons fans as losers since the Falcons have been losers since 1966. Not sure, but no other NFL franchise has endured losing like the Falcons,...maybe the Saints, perhaps the Bengals, maybe the Bucs.

    Leave us the F*** alone. It ain't hard to hate on a team when you fans are a bunch of arrogant F***s like ya'll are. I despise the iggles cause of they fans. We got one here in this forum and heaven forbid we ever meet in person. No personal threat but it wouldn't be pretty I assure. After I slapped his face in public he most likely would cry like an infant with loaded diaper.

    Yeah, we be Falcons fans of a loser. We enjoy the media dissing Matty and the Falcons in general. It's fun to hear that idiot, no knecked jerk at espen ALWAYS dissing the Falcons,...haha it's got to the point we KNOW he hates the Falcons, HE admitted it! And now we have to listen to this shit for all of 2017? Ohhhh BOY this is gonna be fun boys and girls. In that thought, allow me to assure you Falcons fans that EVEN if the team wins Super Bowl 52 those assholes will ALWAYS refer back to SB 51,...NOOOOO damned doubt! To this day it still amazes me the number of people who hate the Falcons. What in HELL did the Falcons do but lose to your mfing team lots of times?

    This is very asimilar to this Trump type syndrome. Ya back folks in a corner and they'll vote for any strong man who speaks they lingo after years of suffering. Ya keep digging with a knife and guess what?, derive ill-will and even hatred. That'd be historically factual.

    It makes no matter to me. Our mods and admins will tend to you trolls hopefully. Your intent is very clear. Juuuuuuust like those two iggles trolls. Amazes me the delight some peoples derive from other's failures, other's pain in fact. Okay,'s alright, should expect such behaviour from callous f***s. Oh btw?,...we do have an ignore feature here?

    Sorry but man,'s been 6 damped months and ya'll schadenfreude-filled bas,...Schadenfreude

    Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This word is taken from German and literally means "harm-joy". It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. Sound juuuuust like those two iggles trolls when we were going thru the Mike Vick times. hahaha and Vick wound up starting for the iggles!?

    Last season was sooooo much fun. Winning @ Denver, @ Oakland, in LA was fun. Dominating the Seahawks and Packers in the playoffs was sweet as peeeeecan pie baby. Sweeping the aints and panties?,...great efforts. No schadenfreude from me, more like we kicked yo asses but I never went to they boards to rub it in. After that fact I never RUBBED the shit in anyone's face like ya'll be trying to do.

    Oh well,...nuff of this. Hey ya'll, let's just focus on the more important people perhaps.

    ADDITIONAL,...hahaha two of the trolls have been banned as I just checked. cool. And just like our iggles troll here at nflfans was using multiple user names, so were they. I dunno, but to create multiple user names is SICK and now the iggles troll is a mod here?hahaha idiots.
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