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    Area of concern

    Ring a ding a ling boys,...after the first 4 days of TC it looks like they be an area of serious concern. D*** I hate sounding like an old scratched vinal record. Well, to the quick of it. The Falcons D-linemen are DOMINATING the O-line in a huge way. It became very much more apparent after the 11 on 11s in pads.

    Sometimes I get whispers through the fence 'bout thangs. The Falcons are actively looking for a veteran O-lineman for depth, and a center. This gets me jussssst a 'lil worried.

    It's perfectly normal for a defense to start up faster than the O in TC, and hell even into the season. But from tweets, video, etc. it sho do appear there might be a problem with the Falcons interior O-line. Center Alex Mack isn't 25 years old, he's over 30. So far in camp the Falcons defensive tackles have been pushing Mack 'round like a rag doll. I mean literally picking him up and pushing him back. There be THREE guys vying for the job of starting right guard, one of them a rookie. The other guard is decent but no Pro Bowler. I'm most worried 'bout Mack. As far as clean snaps, Mack is the best. Messed up snaps in 2015 cost the Falcons THREE games in an 8-8 season. But Mack isn't the dominating center he once was, especially pass blocking. As we know, it's easier to run block than pass protect.

    There's something(s) to consider here,...the Falcons defense was embarrassed last February 5th. And perhaps are, as a whole, determined to be a force. Add the possibility they've heard enough of the Falcons offense being so great and there ya are all ya'll psychologists sumthin' to analyze. But what I believe is the Falcons defense has "flipped the switch" sorta thang. If anyone has performed with a championship team a switch flips like. I guess the best way to describe it is when a team realizes, then KNOWS they will dictate play. Hard to explain,...attitude, confidence, whatever. I been there with one team and it was extremely empowering so to say. And I'll add when a team flips that switch ya feel like Nobody can beat yo ass.

    Reports are the Falcons O is heavily working the RBs and TEs in the short passing game,...GOOD! Just me, and I get grief over saying this but Matty will have to get his throws off quick. Just me, but unless it's a rollout or a set up play action deal, Matty won't have the time.

    ADDITIONAL,...well, well, RichardCNile has written up a 'lil diddy, good bad and ugly. The good and bad were pretty much vanilla but here's what he said 'bout the ugly,...

    The Ugly:

    O-Line - I'm always worried about the offensive line. *Do we have guys that can move the ball 1 or 2 yards when everyone knows it's a run? Do we have depth? *Who will replace Chester? *What happens if Mack or someone else goes down? *

    Brotherhood - When's the next inBrotherhood video going to drop? *c'mon

    Media -*The constant media reminder of the 'last game'

    I'm tellin' ya'll, the Falcons have the most talented roster in franchise history,...but. Beyond the issue of depth as Richard points out, I'm more concerned the O-line(interior), isn't able to handle today's defensive tackles. *

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