For months Falcons brass has repeated over and over the retractable roof of the new MB stadium would be ready before preseason. Personally, I've never seen such a gaudy waste of money.

The retractable roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be in the closed position when the new Falcons stadium debuts next month and for an undetermined period of time beyond that, the CEO of Falcons parent company AMB Group said today.

Steve Cannon said construction delays have the project behind schedule on fully mechanizing the roof. Therefore, he said the roof will be closed when the stadium opens for a Falcons-Arizona Cardinals exhibition game on Aug. 26 and for the Falcons’ regular-season home opener on Sept. 17.

I'm no architect or designer of huge scrucchers but this roof doesn't appear,...ummmm, workable to begin with.

I suppose it's cool but imagine the upkeep and cost of such. It's like when someone builds or buys a huge house w/o consideration of upkeep, the cost of cooling/heating 8 foot ceilings kinds thang.

This dome will have a mall-like feeling,...stores, restaurants, many wet bars. And apparently by the time the retractable roof works it's gonna be time of season to keep it closed anyway which makes one think MB stadium will possibly be a dome for all of the 2017 season. Truth is, the hole created by the roof retracted isn't all that big anyway. So imo it'll be pretty much a dome. And that's fine,...we've been in a dome since 1992.

Well,...if a pop up storm came up only the field would get rain. Hell, I'd just keep the roof open but I'm old fashioned cuz I believe football should be played in the elements on a grass field,...damped old timer.