Well,...guess I'm Donnie Trump. In the last two years Donnie has been attacking the media. That is a fact boys and girls. And I find it worthy to hold those people in the media with an air of disdain given they history. Beyond politics, the sports medium has poor record in say,...promoting certain teams over others? Oh, sorry,...there's more ratings and marketability with some and we'll just ignore,...NO rather we'll find flaws in the poor teams we can't get the hits, the ratings. Honestly I'm baffled at their idiocy. No need to go in a ranthahaha but geesh man, there's ratings and MONEY to be made if you get off that stupid high horse and include ALL 32 teams in a positive light.

This leads me to, this. Vaughn McClure is espen's Falcons beat writer. He's from,...Chicago. Dammit that alone should explain everything right there. One writer for the Falcons, Furman Bisher now deceased was the last *journalist* who was raised in the area where the Falcons reside. Len Pasquarelli, Matt Winklejohn, Orlando Ledbetter were and are alllllll transplants from,...up North? Aren't there any writers in the South whom can even write? I dunno ya'll but this shit is just,...obvious.

So let's see here,...McClure says 5th round pick, RB Brian Hill will be cut. hahaha shit man, I just laughed. Okay, am gonna try not to curse and be mean but this guy is an idiot. And I could and prolly will explain why and I will right now, you idiot. In what fashion, the ONLY area, did the Falcons offense struggle last season? Short yardage and goal line situations if you even watched the games idiot. Hill is 220 lbs and runs with *authority* and was drafted SOLELY upon that fact idiot,...Wyoming Cowboys? GO BACK and watch the boy's videos you idiot. His highlights are there for everyone to see you uninformed f***. oops sorry <sigh>McClure stated Hill had a "bad passing camp" or something, amazing idiocy. To the point I feel he has no regard for the Falcons in any sense. The milk dud head is a Bears fan,...and guess where the Falcons start the 2017 season? We'll see the truth come out, noooooooo damned doubt.

I told ya,...don't ya hate when someone says I TOLD YOU? Gonna require thick skin but under that skin will be blood that bleeds Falcons. You Falcons fans are the laughing stock,...for now. I promise there's gonna be some serious payback in one form or the other.

Hey Brian,...you'll be great. Never mind these,...peoples