Training camp starts in a week. At least reporting.

As there shall be NFL-league types and NFL reporters at the Flowery Branch facility what will ya hear 'bout the 2017 Falcons?hahaha Well, lemme get sumthin' sho nuff scraight chere. All those witnessing will see a deep and talented defense. This is perfect. MVP Matty Ice, Julio, other stars get the attention while aaaalllll along guess what's gonna be a beast this Fall/Winter? Lemme climb out this here rotten limb and say the Falcons D will be a top-10 defense this season. Hell, at least top 16. Top 16 would be great given the last decade.

I don't give a rat's skanky ass what anyone thinks,...the Falcons secondary is the best group in the NFL. PEEEREEEUD! Three superb cover corners, a safety who covers well and the other safety is the enforcer against the run but still can cover WRs.

D-line?hahaha Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt. On running plays they are to cause disruption in the blocking scheme *while protecting they gap* and against the pass?,...disrupt and go get the QB. Hell, it'd be easy and fun to play D-line in Dan Quinn's D.

There's no need to mention these guy's names cause no one cares. And that's sweet too. Lots of the Falcons D are pretty much babies so no one knows who they be. On that note,...those babies played in a Super Bowl and nuthin' less is failure this time around.

The only concern of mine are the Falcons linebackers. The MLB is lightish but fast(it'll be his sophomore season this year), and the position is not as deep as the others. But the strength of the D-line and secondary will be a luxury.

Lots of Falcons fans are extremely excited 'bout the defense this year,...mainly older fans.haha Hell, some of us enjoy watching a great D as much as a 41 point offensive performance. Usually that 41 points came about due to a good defense,...ya think?