Commentary to follow,...

John Fox is on a hot seat at his most recent job, Michael Rothstein and Jeff Dickerson of write. Fox having gone 9-23 in two Bears seasons puts the veteran sideline bastion in danger of being fired for a third time, provided the Bears don’t push for the playoffs, per Dickerson. The writer notes chairman George McCaskey’s lack of patience might lead to another change. Dickerson adds third-year GM Ryan Pace should join Fox on the hot seat, but he’s likely to be safer than the coach

and a comment from a Bears fan,...

George and gramma McCaskey have set the Bears back another five years having hired Pace. They should be embarrassed that they’re related to Papa Halas.

We Falcons fans went thru this once or a dozen times. And thru the years I've learned things work in cycles. The draft, free agency and even undrafted guys can come together and it's kinda like a roll of the dice thang. Fox is a good coach and while in Charlotte he tormented the Falcons. If he has the players he can be a formidable foe.

It's absolutely normal that fans direct blame towards the GM. Lawd knows I seen that with most every team's fans,...especially teams that are struggling I'll add.

I almost want the Bears to beat the Falcons on opening Sunday in Chicago. Told my Panthers buddies Carolina messed up firing Fox. And honestly maybe not cause Ron Rivera is the same type coach Fox is. They didn't change anything by firing Fox and hiring Rivera. Why would I want the Falcons to lose in week #1? It just might be beneficial in some way.