It won't be long now. Come November 9th the Cowboys visit Atlanta. That's just 4 months away but we know how time flies when you be havin' fun. The week before the Boys host the Chiefs and the Falcons will be a playin' in Charlotte to beat the Charlotte Panthers. By this time in the season(week #9), lots will be clear. The Falcons will have faced the Patriots by then(week #7), and we'll know if the Cowboys 2nd year QB and RB can reproduce their impressive rookie season.

The rook RB has so much speed,...and hahaha with *youth* he should again be formidable. Dak?,...Dak has to show he can stay in the damned pocket man. Jeeshus,...Tom Brady was sacked 5 times in the SB and he still passed for 400 yds. So Dak, to me, is a ?. He did pass for over 3.500 yds with a superb completion ratio(67.8%), BUT he averaged only 8 yds per completion,...dink, dink, dink. w/o a deep threat a D can load up on the run and cause some thangs. But,...the Boys led the league in rushing attempts last year, so they'll definitely be running the ball even in a stubborn manner. Can ya'll say play-action-pass boys and girls?

Oh, it would be remiss not mentioning the most expensive O-line in the league filled with super-high draft picks. Which means Dak should have time to throw DEEP one would think.

Please forgive but all I can get 'bout the Boys' D is from the media. And they aren't talkin' like they be feeling great 'bout the D. As said, I dunno 'bout that. In the past the Cowboys D has entered a season ranked by the experts way down on the totem pole and then turn out to be top 10.

Week #9,...hmmmm could be a big game if say the Falcons are 4-3 and the Boys are 4-4. Yeah yeah it's early right now but it's fun for some to keep up with opponents we'll face in the upcoming season(I keep up with the boys, Vikes, Dolphins as much as possible). The Boys face the Western teams this year which will be interesting. That's a huge plus for the Boys being located where they be(travel time). But there's some serious, stout teams in the form of the Chargers, Broncos, Raiders in that area of the NFL tribe. But since the NFC East's division Champ and the NFC South's division Champion must face each other alone makes the matchup a biggun' and anytime the Boys/Falcons meet it seems something strange happens during the game.

We've watched the Falcons play every other team in the league,...and every time Atlanta/Dallas meet it's always a big game,...since like tha last 40 years. Twont be no different this time regardless records. Lord knows this guy was a Falcon-killer,...