The people in the media,...some, not all people who sit at a desk facing a keyboard every day,...have lost they minds. And juuuuuuust when I think I find a great source in the form of a sports writer?,...he turns out to be a homey. Not mentioning his name nor the site,...believe me, they ain't worth the hits. But I'm certain many at espen and the nfl n will be praising this free agency signing as a great, great thang.

WR Brandin Cooks is attracting some super coverage 'round the NFL idiots' circle. Idiots.

Given it'll be his(Cooks), 4th season in the league,...a given he's tallied over 1,000 yds the last 2 years which makes him an elite receiver in my view. But the idiot writer wrote that he'll be the Patriots next,...Randy Moss? hahaha I just, sometimes ya gotta laugh at the idiots. When the Patriots acquired Moss they *featured* him in the deep pass game. Brady was awesome. They teamed up for, what was it?,...28 or 30 TD passes? Moss was a stallion,...Cooks is a 5'10" 180 lbs. jitter bug receiver best suited in the slot.

For instance,...let's look at last year's Cooks' two performances against the Falcons. Week #3,...targeted 8 times, 2 receptions for 13 yards. Week #17,...targeted 6 times, 3 receptions for 19 yards. hmmmm Don't sound like no Randy Moss numbers do it?

Granted Sean Payton uses WRs like, well it's like one guy will get the yards one game and another will get them in another game type thing. In those two games against the Falcons, Coby Fleener had 7 catches for 109 yds,...and in the last game of the season Michael Thomas(a fine WR), had 10 receptions for 156 yds. hahaha actually Thomas is more like Moss than Cooks. But hey, when you be a homey you say lots of dumbass thangs.

Truth is, Cooks will be a dink-dink-dunk receiver in New Angland. He simply isn't explosive off the LOS but has the ability to get open. When a QB like Brees throws for 5,000 yds it's only natural two or three WRs pass the 1,000 yds mark.

Oh well,...good luck to the guy until the Falcons travel to Foxboro in week #8 for their ass-whipping to the delight of many NFL fans.