NFC South newcomers

There are some Falcons fans a littleeeee pissed 'bout this. And I unnerstand why. Vaughn McClure is the espen beat writer for the Falcons. And he cites a gd rookie TE in Tampa as the,...pfffft. Commentary as we go.<sigh>

Which newcomer will make the biggest impact in the NFC South this season? Our division reporters give their picks. (in bold font)

Jenna Laine, Tampa Bay Buccaneers reporter: DeSean Jackson, Bucs WR. He dramatically changes a Bucs offense that has struggled going over the top and with the deep ball. Tampa Bay was the only team in the NFL last season that failed to complete a pass play of at least 50 yards. Jackson has 21 50-yard touchdown receptions since 2008, the most in the league during that span and fifth-most in league history. Teams can't double up on Mike Evans with Jackson lining up on the other side.

Absolutely accurate! Jackson not only will prevent the double team but will also keep defenses from blitzing more,...which will help Jamius Winston cause as we know, Winston is a pure pocket passer.

Vaughn McClure, Atlanta Falcons reporter: OJ Howard, Bucs TE. Opposing defenses will have to play plenty of attention to Evans and Jackson in the Buccaneers' passing game, which will create opportunities for Howard to thrive. Well, Bucs coach and offensive guru Dirk Koetter will find a way to make sure Jameis Winston gets Howard the ball.

This sob makes me shake my head in disgust. This MILK DUD HEAD, and f*** you if you think that's racist, this milk dud head has no feelings for the Falcons but a paycheck from espen. He prolly laughed the night of Feb 5th when the Falcons blew it all. Everything is disgusting and will be so from now on but the actual Falcons beat writer chooses a ****ing Bucs rookie TE over Takk or even Poe? Jeeshus freaking Christie, freaking Rodney freaking Dangerfield. Damn ya'll.
David Newton, Carolina Panthers reporter: The Panthers chose with the No. 8 pick Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey. He was the most dynamic offensive player in the draft. Add him to the mix as a running back, slot receiver and punt returner, and you're talking about a player who can have a huge impact on three phases. He also will be key in the evolution of the Carolina offense to depend less on quarterback Cam Newton as a runner.

hahaha,...Dave Newton, Cam's 'lil bruh I suppose. McCaffery played in a little league conference. He's fast and a very good football player. And he's white, snowy white,...snowflake, salty, peckerwood, honky which means he'll stand out like a cue ball. I've heard and read people's view that they wish him to be as dominant in the NFL as he was in college,...cause he's white,...what in hell has the wurl come to? Who cares anymore man? As long as they are the best, what damned difference? Well, good luck to the young guy. The NFL has a way of humbling great college athletes from time to time. Oh and yeah,...any fool can see Cammy Newton's days of rushing for big yardage are done. haha Now he's expected to pass like Matt Ryan and Drew Brees? hahaha 52.9% completion ratio last year? We'll see 'bout all that.
Mike Triplett, New Orleans Saints reporter: Dontari Poe, Falcons DT. Every other team in the NFC South made a splashier move on offense (Adrian Peterson to the Saints, Jackson to the Buccaneers, McCaffrey to the Panthers). But I think the defending NFC champions got the biggest-impact newcomer of them all. Poe (6-foot-3 and 340 pounds as of his latest weigh-in) will beef up Atlanta's rising young defense in a big way. He can be a disruptive force up the middle as both a run-stuffer and pass-rusher, and he will also occupy blockers and free up last season's breakout young athletes.

ahhhh,...Mike Triplett,...hmmm wonder if he's akin to the Triplett NFL game official?

Amazing the best analysis comes from Tampa and Nawlins. And from our own espen assigned Falcons beat reporter we get him thinking a rookie TE will make the most impact in the division? just,...amazing and very disappointing. This is why the media as a whole is a mfing joke. And put on the nfln so ya can hear that black-board-scratching bitch squeal 'bout the Steelers. jeeshus, wonder the netwook's waitings are suh sucky. But weez down heah got our front teeth fixed so we be preddy for pwime time.

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