This may be *the story* all through the year. It's almost like blood on the water cause any fool knows the Patriots will face a day when they aren't so dominating. Hell,...a 9-7 season is a losing season to those pampered fans. So it begins,...from Zach

Can the Patriots be stopped by any team in the AFC this year? Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh certainly thinks so.

“I think the Patriots are definitely beatable,” Suh told ESPeN. “It’s just a matter of playing a good game, almost a perfect game in a lot of ways because they’ve got great coaching and obviously great players and talent on their side of the ball. So you’ve got to be going on all cylinders. Without question, I have a ton of respect for them, but without question, they’re definitely beatable as everybody is in the league.”

Well, the head stomper needs to be a factor in beating the Patriots. And then, check dis out,...a poll at pfrumors 'bout which 2016 division winner will miss the playoffs this year.

Amazingly some 40 people clicked the Patriots? Okay,...I think the Patriots will be pushed 'round a lil bit this season. But hey man, they are so damned talented that even if Brady gets hurt in the 1st game, Galapogos or whatever his name is(it could be Howdy Doody), is capable of winning 9 or 10 games this year. But it's interesting the Dolphins seem to be the team that *could* dethrone the Pats in the eyes of some media folkses. Hell it ain't hard to see is it?

As we know, a 9-7 record doesn't guarantee a playoff berth unless the team wins the division. If,...haha just if the Dolphins beat the Panthers, Bucs, Saints NOT the Falcons haha and the Pats struggle with those teams? And if the Dolphins can at least split with the Pats(it's almost impossible to win at Foxboro--referees)? Then we could see the demise of a dynasty unparalleled in NFL history.