You dumb, reaching for crap, League Executives? I cannot believe this was written.

The Saints should take it easy with prized offseason acquisition Adrian Peterson, one league executive tells’s Vaughn McClure.

“You don’t want to run that guy out there for 16 games,” the executive said. “Then you risk him getting hurt again.”

Okay,...Vaughn McClure is an espen beat writer for the Falcons. And apparently he's covering the Falcons division rivals as well,...great.

Zach Links @profootbal rumors then writes,...The Saints best bet, McClure argues, would be to roll him out in the team’s biggest games, including the season opener against his former team and major NFC South clashes. That’s a game plan that just might work for New Orleans.

hahahaha this is ridiculous. Gawd, I could list alllll the reasons this is stupid stuff.

The man is in the last days of his football playing,...he's being paid a huge amount of money,...he NEEDS carries to gain that famous ass rhythm thang during the game we all've heard 'bout for years??? The Saints have not had any serious rushing game for years,...what else?

League executive? pffffft this is typical, lazy-ass media bs. And guess who they pick on? They pick on the Saints? Believe me, the Falcons have been the subject of such folly many times,...I RECOGNISE IT.

I certaintly hope and wish the big time new Saints RB tears some asses up,...other than the Falcons of course. It'll aaalllll be up to Sean Payton.