Oh this might be sooooo sweeeet! espen's Mike Reiss writes the arrivals of Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore places this year in the running for greatest Bill Belichick offseason with the Patriots. Oh? Reiss continued that Cooks/Gilmore is 2nd best behind 2001 when the likes of Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Roman Phifer, David Patten and others were acquired? Oh heck no man, that's just pffffft man.

This is typical fluff,...obvious *love* and *praise* ohhhh feeels sooo good stuff. espen, based in Connecticut, is so flawed hahaha just like the political media, same bullcrap. There's no need to go back and rate other Patriots' off season acquisitions for the last 18 years that the Patriots have enjoyed. The Patriots front office/owner/Belichick must be geniuses. Or,...has been fortunate. For gawd knows how long they've never had to worry 'bout a franchise/HOF QB and could concentrate building the defense and O-line. Brilliant!

Two points,...one is this, the same reason the Falcons have built an impressive roster, the same dang thang boys. The Falcons have enjoyed super-great QB play the last NINE years. On a side note, NFL fans become accustomed to a player, say like Drew Brees, to pass for 5,000 yds every season and he does! And when he's gone it's like, oh shit man. When Jim Kelly left the Bills years ago, well,...they've never returned to that level again, for years. Fascinating though that Sean Payton hasn't been able to build a defense worth a crap for years. I believe he doesn't care 'bout ennythin' but the offense. Everyone has they own ways.

The other point is this and I might be a goin' out on a rotten limb here but,...call it a sense, call it Father Time or whatever. The Patriots are going down this season. I say that knowing they still will most likely make the playoffs. But I sense teams within they division, primarily the Dolphins, and having to face the NFC South will result in a 9 or 10 win season. Just a sense type thing.

What's gonna be sweet is when guys like espen's Mike Reiss have to report on teams like the Dolphins/Bucs/Panthers/Falcons/Saints beating the crap outta a washed up, old ass team that was *revealed* in SB 51. Ya shoulda retired on top Billy Boy.