-More on Orr,...he's gonna see the Lions first dammit. But my buddy has informed that Orr has been contacted by 8 teams. So Arthur??? OPEN THE POCKETBOOK! The addition of Orr would immediately stir the NFL tribe for one but he would be a great influence on the VERY young Falcons D. The Falcons D is already expected to be top 10,...imagine, just imagine boys.

-Interesting Dolphins news,...Given that he was coming off an Achilles injury, the Dolphins attempted to limit defensive end Cameron Wake‘s snaps at the beginning of the 2016 season, but head coach Adam Gase now admits that strategy was an oversight. “I made a mistake. I should have been playing him more early,” Gase tells Adam Walker of ESPN.com. “We were trying to think long term. … We thought we were being smart and it backfired on us. What we should have done was just let him play.”*Wake, 35, ended up playing on roughly half of Miami’s snaps, compiling 11.5 sacks and grading as the league’s No. 10 edge defender, according to Pro Football Focus. In February, Wake agreed to an extension that will keep him with the Dolphins through 2018.prrumors.com

Naw man,...Gase did the right thing to start with. The guy is 35, geeshus. Wake is one of those very good NFL players no one knows 'bout. Any wonder when the Dolphins play in the AFC East where the Pats and Jets gain aalllll the attention. I know this,...11 sacks isn't a paltry performance playing just half the defensive snaps in a season. And playing Wake more most likely wouldn't have changed the season's outcome, if that's what Gase was referring to. Gawd how I hope the Dolphins knock the New England Honkies into a 7-9 season by SWEEPING them. Peeps don't know how talented the Dolphins are, but will come October.

-June 27th, 2017 at 7:20pm CST by Dallas Robinson
The Saints officially placed defensive tackle Nick Fairley on the non-football injury list Monday, ending Fairley’s 2017 season before it began and casting doubt on the future of his career after doctors ruled a heart condition wouldn’t allow him to play.

Man this is tough. The Saints lost their starting left tackle(shoulder injury lifting weights I assume), until 'round October...and now losing their big time interior guy on D is just,...only thang I can say to my Saints buds is, been there before with my Falcons and all that matters now is coaching, coaching, coaching. The loss of Fairley places supreme pressure on Payton and the Saints offense. The Saints, as we already knew, must score lots cause they D gonna give up lots. I've read there are a few guys on the screet and there's a possibility of a trade(not likely), and the spot has to be filled,...so