Cha Ching! hahaRemember that ole thang Saints fans were a sayin' some years ago? Well, Matty Ice is rolling in the dough.

Matty will appear in a gateraide commercial with,...Michael Jordan. Great. The NFL's MVP should get some gigs. Matty has done other commercials with an airline and a milk thang once but this is big time now, not the level of say,...MJ's and Mike Vick's NIKE gigs but still pretty prominent. And they be a theme in the commercial,..."Make defeat your fuel." hmmmmmmm,...not sure I like dat. But I suppose is no slam,...maybe.

Make defeat your fuel? Okay, that's close to what Falcons coaches are sayin' when they say, "Embrace the suck." Embrace the suck has been ridiculed by nawtheastern elite media types(as their Giants, iggles and Jets continue to SUCKhaha). So, they'll without doubt enjoy the gateraide commercial chuckling as they sip cognac.

Hey,...I thought Cam Newton was the water BOY,...I meant gateraide boy. It's been his fashion statement for years, ya know the towel? Oh my, Matty Ice is moving into Cammy's territory. Matty isn't as,...ummmm classless as I could be. If I were Matty, I'd make fun of Cammy by wearing a gateraide towel over my het on the sideline. Believe me, Matty isn't very fond of the Panthers.