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Jun 05, 2006* Eagles fans boo the selection of Donovan McNabb during the 1999 NFL Draft.

I'll never forget the 1999 NFL draft. There were 4 QBs taken and all of them were mobile types. Remember Daunte Culpepper? Akili Smith? The white guy McNown or something,...Donnie McNabb? Well,...espen did a 'lil thang 'bout these guys after the draft that '99 Summer. espen had all 4 guys shoulder to shoulder grinning and moving side to side like punks. Then he said it,...with a serious look on he fay, Donnie got serious when he said, and I quote,..."The days of da pocket passer are over."

If I correctly recall, my jaw dropped open. Okay, simple math. There's 32 teams and that means there be around 95 QBs on NFL rosters. So there won't be no mo pocket passers Donnie?hahaha idiot. But what shocked me was the racial aspect. The haha unbiased media who don't see color created a 'lil nick name for these guys,...sickening,...the New Breed Quarterback. No one can convince me this is not racially based. pfffft, new breed? Like a damn cow or something? Animal? Well anyway, Akili Smith was a 1st round bust(Bengals), the white guy was just not an NFL QB, Culpepper had success but eventually got his knee broke in two by a cheap shot from the Panthers safety(Gamble) while running down the field. And Donnie,...he got to a SB mane. And he puked. Do new breed QBs have weak constitutions?

We Falcons fans know aalllllllll 'bout a QB who can run like a cheetah,...ooops, no animal comparisons, that could be taken as rashist. But yeah, Vick was the epitome of the running QBs. He holds NFL records which may never be broken,...check it out fools I ain't wrong. Vick was drafted in 2001, 1st overall choice. Like a lightning bolt in his 2nd season he lit UP the NFL with his running ability. btw, back to NFL records,...one is fascinating. Vick owns the NFL record for a QB rushing yards in one game. Guess who owned that record for years?haha Billy Kilmer!

It was astounding the people in the NFL tribe who hated Vick. Vick never acted like Cam Newton, NEVER trash talked. But there were plenty of Vick worshipers who became Falcons fans just cause of Vick. And Vick was a Falcon so naturally I defended his style of QB play beginning in 2001. By 2005 Vick wasn't improving in his passing game so I began criticising his play cause his rushing numbers were going waaaay down. Apparently the new breed QB, when he loses his wheels, ain't worth a shit.

Reason I say all this is cause,...believe it or not, there are still so-called Falcons fans griping 'bout,...Matt Ryan? After years I've come to a definite conclusion that lots of folks are breathing, living in what's called an alternative universe.

But back to the new breed QB. Are there running QBs in 2017?,...you betcha. Cowboys, Bills, Seahawks(but getting old), maybe the Titans young guy, but he's white, NOT Jamius Winston. The former FSU star is a classic pocket passer and he's black omg!

It's fun to look back and make fun of these idiots. Useful idiots in fact for humor if nuthin' else.

The greatest QBs in the whole wide wurl have been pocket passers. Even Roger Staubach and Steve Young learned to be a pocket passer after being running QBs early on. It'll be interesting to see how the 2nd year QB,...Dak does this season. He's pretty much a clone of Donnie McNabb,...super arm, can run and is wanting attention.

So much for the new breed QB.