Thank you, thank you all allowing me to post in this forum. It's a pleasure to talk football with a family feel 'bout it. People in the media keep calling the Falcons Seattle South when the two teams most similar are the Broncos and Falcons, fact. Both teams play the exact same defense and scheme offensively in the West Coast style. And both offenses LOVE to use the 2 tight end formation on long drives, not just in short yardage or goal line situations. This is from a couple years ago and the writer gets it when it comes to employing this formation during drives. Enjoy,...

Creating Big Plays out of Two Tight End Formations
22 personnel. Often forgotten about with todays spread offenses. Often relegated to the goal line or other short yardage situations, these heavy two tight end formations can create big plays.

See, there is a certain psychology that comes with two tight end formations these days, grounded in what I just spoke about, goal line and short yardage situations. Many defenders run fits change versus 22 personnel, so they need to pay extra attention to their alignment and assignment, just like they do versus trips formations!

Because these two tight end formations use exactly that, two tight ends, the defense must respect an extra gap. They might do this by using their own goalline set, or by removing a safety and adding a linebacker. Regardless, you force a pass responsibility defender to play in an unnatural position either because hes the best backup and hes not naturally used to being on the field or because hes a safety and hes near the line of scrimmage.

By inserting this extra gap, play action passes out of two tight end formations and screens become a great opportunity for the offense. As Ive charted in the past, I feel the best way to score is through big plays and the easiest way to create these big plays is through play action. Well, the best way to enhance play action is over emphasizing the run, which this set does exactly.

EXACTLY! Football is a game of deception and passing out of a run formation is done lots and lots in the NFL. But to succeed the run must be emphasized,...and work to some degree to open the slants and fly patterns for big passing plays.

I would say the Broncos/Falcons offenses are exact but there's only one difference. The Broncs O-line is a pure slant blocking unit. In the Falcons version of the WCO there's pulling of guards at times running a trap type play which the Broncos don't do{remember Alex Gibbs?). Last season I heard fans of opposing teams ask, "how the heck did that guy get so wide-ass open?" Well, the Falcons run game was working and it opened up the pass game, lining up with 2 TEs most of the time.

This formation isn't called 22 personnel by all teams. In Dallas called flanker out. Oh and one last thang,...the Panthers lost two games in 2015, the Falcons and Broncos. And the Broncos studied the regular season loss to the Falcons to prepare for SB 50, another fact.