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Thread: Julio involved,...lawsuit

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    Julio involved,...lawsuit

    This is a lil funny cause I see the,...ummmm rivalries humorous.

    Jones is currently represented by sports agent Jimmy Sexton. Sexton’s former partner, Pat Dye, Jr., is suing him. A large part of that lawsuit deals with Dye’s assertion that Sexton essentially stole Jones when he dissolved their partnership during Jones’ rookie year.

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    Auburn Alabanana

    Ah yes,...let's see, Jones' rookie season was,...SIX years ago. So this lawsuit had to be introduced within the last few years. Interesting that Pat Dye JR is a huge Auburn Tigers/War Eagles type and Julio played @ Alabeeema as they are saying it now. Alla beeema haha. Pat Dye SR was prolly they greatest head coach at Auburn. And his boy became a big time NFL agent for players.

    In this part of the country Bama football is an obsession wid these folks, amazing to experience. Bama football ranks up there with NASCAR, so that's sayin' a whole lot right there. Auburn fans are a tad different as of late cause they know their nemesis is a football factory. Ever since the great Cam Newton left Auburn they haven't touched the Crimson elephants. So keep in mind there could be this Auburn/Bama thang a goin' on here.

    Personally I recall there was a little news 'bout Julio's jettison Dye JR for another agent years ago. After 6 years, hard to remember but I do recall somewhat it was news and most people just pfffft it off. But now it's somewhat interesting. After 6 seasons Julio's monetary worth is many, many millions.

    And isn't, well,...when someone hires like an agent?,...can't ya fire the sob any time ya want?,...and hire another? Frivolous is the word here. But there may be something about the *partnership* aspect here. If Sexton and Dye JR signed some sort of contract AS partners?,...I dunno how that crap works. Thus we hire reptilian lawyers to deal with crap like this.

    None of this will effect Julio financially. hmmm,...seems I recall an NFL player whose agent was his wife. But surely NFL agents are well paid and apparently are required by some unwritten rule, shit which I despise.

    Edit:Jimmy Dale Sexton was a Major League Baseball infielder, and played in professional baseball from 1970 to 1984. He played with the Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, and St. Louis Cardinals at the major league level. Sexton signed his first professional contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1970. Born: Dec 15, 1951 (age 65) Mobile, AL

    Hey Gundy,...He's Suh's agent.

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