Only reason to put this out there is to lambaste the media. But still,...this *speculation* from two guys at profootballtalk has garnered attention.

After the stoopid speculation hyped all to be danged 'bout the Falcons need to sign CB Richard Sherman,...coming from high profile idiots at the nfln, ya take this speculation with the proverbial grain. But in this case, imo, Boldin would,...hmmmm. There's a reason I say hmmmm. Even though the Falcons was #1 offensively last season there were times when they had some difficulties in the red zone. Boldin is, has been deadly as a receiver even on goal line situations, fact. And he's a borderline HOFamer to boot.

One thing to consider is the Falcons drafted a tough running back in the 4th round I think and that pick was most likely to address the goal line situations. The boy is a tough runner between the tackles. And Lawd knows Boldin would fetch a hefty 1 year contract. But still,...the possibilities are at least somewhat interesting. Add the fact the Falcons plan to run the ball more this year, as Boldin is a fine blocker.

Oh well,'s slow in the NFL Wurl. So speculation is all we get.