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Thread: To Gundy,...you will enjoy OFFENSE

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    To Gundy,...you will enjoy OFFENSE

    Clyde Christansin,...6 years as WR coach in Tampa, some dozen years at Indy, two of them as O-coor...2010, geesh, look at the stats. The Colts were #1 or #2 in many categories that year,...his 1st year as an O-coor in his career. Granted they had a QB named Peyton Manning but,...look at what ya'll got on offense. Ya'll have a super WR corps,...a SUPER backfield and then there's Clyde. You lucky sobs.

    I'll pay whatever price to watch two games this year,...the divisional battles between the Dolphins and Patriots.

    So brings me to what will be inevitable given time. The Patriots,...the Steelers,...the Ravens are going down, sooner than later. Oh loook,...those are all AFC teams? OMYgawsh! It wasn't too long ago the media in LA and NY were saying the AFC was dominating the NFC. And the Patriots' win in SB 51 could still be proof of that. well, hmmmm,...look at the wins/losses lately boys, like in the regular season? Guess we could juggle stats all night.

    It would be easy to predict the Dolphins offense will be the veritable juggernaut this season. And so I will. pfffft look at the TALENT fool! You add a guy who likes to throw the ball BUT will grind it with the run at times? Shit swear to the Lawd, sounds like the Falcons O last season.

    Add a season under his belt, the HC and yadda yadda. hehe,...sorry Gunder, I love ya but I'm gonna flame your forum,...the Dolphins will win the AFC East title and appear in SB 52 facing the Falcons.

    it's sssooooooo much fun to make predictions in Junehaha and yes I misspelled his name purposely.

    Additional: You should become the Dolphins Blob moderator,...blog rather. I was once administrator of the Superbirds so maybe I ain't a great reference. But you will be surprised if you contact fellow Dolphins fans just how many would enjoy your knowledge. Just sayin' it's up to you to request it.
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    Well C/C was O/C last year but this time we're facing a change in D/C, from Vance Joseph to Matt Burke. This is like going from an M.B.A. program to pre-engineering I.M.O. so we'll have to hope for the best if it comes around.

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