Hey boys,...don't lettem' git you down. We've heard all the jokes by now. Witnessed all the shadenfreud. btw, shadenfreud describes someone happy over another's misfortune and we've seen lots of that crap the last 5 months and will see more. So sit back, get a beer and smile,...yep smile.

Amazing the media isn't gushing 'bout the Falcons. Okay,...show me a weakness in the entire roster for one? haha All ya'll can say is right guard is a weak spot? How bout QB? Oh, I'm sorry,...Ryan is not an elite QB right? Okay got that. What other area is weak?hmmmmm Maybe ya can say the center is an old man which he is,...ya could cite the youth factor on the entire defense, a worthy criticism. So where the HELL else? Pardon moi for the rant.

It takes many parts of a football team to be,...a good team, duh. But no one, nobody is paying attention to this extremely talented roster. I give you,...backup RB Tevin Coleman.

His nn is "teco." The pic above was taken about a month ago at a photo shoot. The famous Pete Prisco reported Teco has gained 10-15 lbs.? Oh my. With his speed? There's gonna be some serious offensive stuff a 'goin on this Fall in Atlanta. Damn all ya'll iggles fans.

It's funny,...Teco started opening Sunday for the Falcons in 2015. He was a rookie. He got hurt, Freeman came in and rushed for over 1,000 yds with a Pro Bowl effort. It's juuuuuust a 'lil nice to have two starting caliber running backs right?<crickets> Well,...I could cite stats, provide video but who freaking cares?

Well I tell you who the **** will care come September, first the Bears, Lions, Bills and Packers.

Oh Lawd,...something wicked comes they way.