It's fun to discuss NFL football with those w/o agenda. But sometimes It's more fun to be vindicated.

For the last two years the media in all they regurgitating, agenda driven drivel has insisted Dan Quinn is using the same Seahawks template to build the Falcons defense. No, no, no. Makes one wonder,...are these people ignorant? Does it seem the media based in the Northeast can't find in themselves to give the Atlanta Falcons any credit for anything? Well, believe it or not Sports Illustrated put out a great read on rookie Falcons middle linebacker Deion Jones. Started in the Super Bowl, led all rookie linebackers in pass defense, INTs, 3rd among rookies in tackles with a 92 yards pick 6 return against the Saints to boot.

Jones weighs around 225 but ran a 4.36 40 at the combine back a year ago. And as I've been trying to relate is Quinn's Falcons defense is juuuuuust a tad different than those Seahawks defenses in 2013 and 2014. Okay,...I admit Quinn's defense requires a fast, active free safety but what defense doesn't? So the media says the Falcons safety is a clone of the Hawks safety.haha Media says Quinn is building a great Falcons D-line like he did in Seattle,...okay.hmmmm,...seems that's usually what a defensive-minded coach would desire. Ahhh but the SI article was written by a guy who knows the modern NFL game.

To expedite the point, the MLB position has changed *again* in a matter of a few years. Jones weighs just 225 lbs. As a rookie he struggled with calling defensive sets and equally struggled against the run early on last year. But his job is cover the field, sideline to sideline especially in pass cover. Basically Quinn's FALCONS DEFENSE requires a MLB to pretty much be another cover defensive back. The Seahawks MLBs were big bruisers a fact! Those Hawks defenses were always ranked high in defending the run;lplo00,...the Falcons have ranked down low against the rush the last 2 years.

Has anyone seen the passing yards NFL QBs are throwing for these days? Brees over 5,000, Ryan 4,950,...Brady, Carr and the young guys who will pass for big time yards,...the young Cowboys and Titans future stars,...Wilson in Tampa, Cam Newton. It makes sense to have a lighter, faster MLB to defend the short passing game to RBs and TEs. Thus ya gotta build that D-line to primarily defend the run. But Quinn not only started a rookie for all of 2016 but he drafted two other LBs,...weigh around 230 and are fast,...thus a pattern. And this pattern ain't how the Seahawks defense was built.

The Falcons defense will again be the youngest in the league this year,...and they will be the fastest group as well. This is not the Seahawks defense and THANK YOU Sports Illustrated for that article. Surprised the crap outta me.