Seahawks, Falcons, Cowboys big boys and Superman,...

We heard earlier today that Eddie Lacy passed his weigh-in with the Seahawks, which netted him a $55K bonus, but he was not the league’s biggest loser this week. As Todd Archer of writes,*Cowboys*offensive lineman Byron Bell picked up $150K by weighing in at less than 320 pounds on Monday, and he can earn another $300K if he meets his weight requirements at the start of training camp and the first week of the regular season. And, per ESPN’s Field Yates, if Falcons NT Dontari Poe weighs 340 pounds or less tomorrow, he earns $125K.

We'll be seeing Lacy in Seattle and Bell in Atlanta this year. And Bell's gonna see Poe,...should be an awesome battle. The blocker over 320 and the D-lineman over 335, man, talk 'bout a Sumo match.

Eddie Lacy is a thick, powerful RB all to be damned. Very difficult to bring down at the line of scrimmage and has decent speed. Poe will be a factor at Seattle to keep Lacy's style of running, which is downhill, from getting past the LOS into the LBs.

Ya wonder if,...right after the weigh in to gain those hefty bonuses, those guys ate and ate and ate. Hell, I would've. If I made that bonus starving myself, I'd have to celebrate with all that bonus money.

I will say Byron Bell's bonus is a tad ridiculous. A total of $450,000 in a bonus? Must be nice to be the Cowboys. How they stay under the cap amazes. Ohhhhh,...and then there was news 'bout Cam!

Panthers QB Cam Newton will not throw at this week’s minicamp, but the quarterback is still on schedule with his recovery and is expected to be ready for training camp, as Edward Lewis of writes.profootballrumors

Everyone is blowing this off as no big deal.hmmmm There's no denying I've had a problem with Cam Newton waaaaay back when he was winning games at Auburn. Some of us pay attention and even back then Cam was a punk,...a very talented punk, but a punk. The Lawd granted this boy with talent few posess. Sometimes the Lawd grants physical talent and leaves the organ between the ears alone. If the boy ever grows up he'd be a great NFL QB.haha If the Panthers would require Cam stay in the pocket and BE an NFL QB that would help. It's obvious Cam is *soft* and doesn't really like contact. Not sayin' he's scared,...well, maybe a little.

I'm sensing Panthers fans are juuuuuust 'bout ready for Cam to be what he can be. Yeah, he won MVP in 2015, led the team to a 15-1 record and is an incredible talent. If prompted I believe Cam could be a better passer and he's not that bad a passer to begin with. Ron Rivera is so predictable. I know this much,...Cam will never be able to direct a West Coast Attack,...and Panthers coaches know this. Boy, this is gonna further enamor meself with Panthers fans. Oh well, the truth hurts.

Remember this hit? Cammie cried that he had been hit helmet to helmet and none of the sort occured, lil baby boy.