Here we go. The Falcons and the NFL lost another old man who owned season tickets for the last 28 years. Oh my this entry isn't gonna be very positive is it?

Reason for saying this is the guy isn't an isolated case. After the joke which was SB 51 there has been many people say,...ummm like screw this. People posting at TATF, and there were at least a dozen, said they were tired of all the losing, all the disappointments in big games and no relief in sight. hahaOne guy said he was embarrassed to post at his favorite message board site anymore,...people, mean people making jokes, sending Lols and such. Ya can tell easy those Falcons haters,...and you'll be able to see them for the rest of the season.

I'm no judge of others. The NFL is a form of entertainment,...a reason to spend mucho dinero and time. Some people enjoy the NBA, MLB, etc. and fine. But it's more than having a hurt butt in these people's decision to let a passion go,...for one it's old age. Lots of older Falcons fans are divorcing themselves from the team. Forget 'bout the financial reasons although it's pricy as Hell to own good tickets. These older fans have endured some ugly, ugly years but every so often, say like once a decade, the Falcons get it a goin' and these people would be delighted.

Those 10 or so people who sent it out there could be the tip of the iceberg,...those who say they're done.

The Falcons have a shiny new stadium with retractable stuff when it's cold or rainy. btw,...there's very little talk 'bout how much a single seat costs just for one game. They can talk this 2 dollar hotdog crap being cheap but Hell, the damned thang should be free after what ya pay to buy a ticket. But if anyone has been to the GA Dome,'s not a football game, it's a social event. People, and I mean thousands of people aren't there to watch the Falcons. Thousands of people at games never sit in they seat! They walk round and round the Dome like cattle for three hours! It's weird man. And given the scope and scale of this new stadium?,...pfffft the game will be not just secondary but tertiary. Older fans apparently, in they old heads, just wanna watch a football game.Old farts. Well, ya lost another old man, an old man with MONEE.

The Falcons and the NFL isn't worried. Some Packers, Bills fan will buy the seats, great seats.

Sometimes I wonder if the last 9 seasons with an elite QB has numbed us. Or maybe having such a great leader raised expectations and the fall last Feb 5 was the proverbial straw. I dunno,...may be several thangs. Well Hell,...I've been a fan for some 40 years and yeah, it's not been fun as much as it's been disappointing. But there are fans of teams, like Raiders, Jets, Browns, etc. whom still remain fans when times were bad.

Falcons fans that remain best have some thick-ass skin come this Fall. You gonna be reminded 10,051 times.