This is funny. I wonder if the guy who threw his drink at the Ryans is a Titans fan.

“A guy walked up to them and threw a margarita at Rex’s face. They stood up Rob Ryan started screaming and he wrung that guys neck,” Jessica Aronica, who was watching nearby, told Larry Brown Sports. Aronica’s boyfriend, Frank Washburn, captured the “fight” on video.

All of this came after the two were calmly and kindly holding court at a sidewalk-side*window, chit-chatting with strangers as they downed their drinks.

The brothers Ryan are Nashville residents, according to the New York Post, and they didn’t let this little skirmish take away from their night. After the Margaritaville dust-up, the two went up Broadway to Bridgestone Arena where they watched the Predators defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

It's been forgotten but back in early 2015 the Falcons almost hired Rex Ryan. He had one meeting with the Falcons, was scheduled for another when a Blank family member died and the meeting was canceled. Buffalo saw that opportunity, later had their second meeting with Ryan and hired him immediately. All along it was Ryan or Dan Quinn in the Falcons sites and looking back some of us were on the proverbial fence. We talked 'bout how Quinn would definitely build a better defense than Mike Smith. Some of us like meself viewed Ryan as another Jerry Glanville, a HC who would make things sensational, re-energize a sinking team. I recall the optimism of Bills fans, their media when Buffalo hired Ryan.

When Quinn was hired most Falcons fans figgered it was rebuilding time, and it was. Because of a family death things worked out this way,...hmmmm,...sounds a 'lil prophetic or something, who knows?