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Thread: Dolphins duo best in NFL

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    Dolphins duo best in NFL

    It's a rainy morning so wandering 'round the net looking for news 'bout Falcons opponents came up on this guy in Miami claiming the Dolphins have the best running back duo in the NFL. hmmm a top 3 duo no doubt. Jay Ajayi is a beast. And the former career backup from Alabama(due to injuries), is fine compliment, Kenyan Drake. Here's this guy's list of other teams with good duos,...

    There are a few good combos out there to be mentioned:
    Cincinnati –*Jeremy Hill*and*Giovani Bernard*or Joe Mixon
    Cleveland –*Isaiah Crowell*and*Duke Johnson
    Jacksonville – Leonard Fournette and TJ Yeldon
    Tennessee –*DeMarco Murray*and*Derrick Henry
    Dallas – Ezekiel Elliot and*Darren McFadden
    Philadelphia – Ryan Matthews and Legarrette Blount
    Chicago –*Jordan Howard*and*Jeremy Langford
    Atlanta –*Devonta Freeman*and*Tevin Coleman
    New Orleans –*Mark Ingram*and Christian McCaffrey
    Arizona –*David Johnson*and*Andre Ellington
    Seattle –*Thomas Rawls*and*Eddie Lacy

    Note that the Falcons face 4 of those duos this season. So here's his reasons the Dolphins duo is better than the Falcons RBs.

    Atlanta, Dallas and Tennessee may be the closest competition here. Seattle’s combo looks scary, but so many questions surround Eddie Lacy and Rawls’ struggles to stay on the field. Chicago’s pair looks nice, but that team is in a total rebuild and has too many questions.

    Dallas has maybe the best back in the NFL but there’s just no way to trust McFadden. I like the combo in Tennessee and think they have done some nice things with the O-Line as well, so they’re close, but I’m not ready to say they’re better than Ajayi and Drake (although I have only my excitement over our guys to say why).

    Now, Atlanta was one I thought I would be able to say was better than ours. But as I looked deeper into the numbers, it just isn’t there. Neither Freeman nor Coleman had a better average per carry than either of our backs. Freeman didn’t run for as many yards as Ajayi and started all 16 games. Hard to give them the nod with those facts.

    Look, I ain't sayin' this or that duo is better cause unlike this guy, I realize the offenses mentioned have different levels of QB play, O-line play and WR play. Simply put, the Dolphins RB attack is *different* than the Falcons scheme in huge ways. Add the fact, which was conveniently unmentioned, the Falcons duo had waaaay mo receiving yards than did the Dolphins duo,...ya see, the difference in employing the RB in the pass game? Yards is yards BOY,...don't matter how the RB gets 'em.

    The Dolphins are in a division in which they must run the ball successfully, especially come December. Buffalo, NE and NJ can be brutal weather-wise. And we know the Bills and Jets are always eager to runnit primary.

    Well,'s a rainy morning and that was fun. Oh btw,...this guy is an amateur writer so gets no mention of his hahaha user name. But I sent him a note thanking him for the list of duos. It's okay to be a homey when ya put out correct facts.;) We give you, Jay Ajayi,...


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    Yea Jay A jay I & Drake are ok but they had elevated stats duo to the replacement QB situation. Matt Moore is a power downfield passer and connects more than say a guy like Henne who use to thrive on short check down passes. With Stills & Parker a guy like Moore can do better than R/T. At any rate Fins still had a #31 rated pass attack, terrible. The duo's stats were up to make up for the shortfall in passing.

    Gase likes R/T to use the short middle of the field and when Ryan comes back healthy he'll try an take away the numbers from Jay and Kenyan.

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